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Why You Should Consider A Bug Out Boat

Bug Out Boat

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Imagine there was a major catastrophe that made land-dwelling a risky proposition or flat out dangerous. How would you keep your family safe? You’ve heard about Preppers using a bug out vehicle, but a bug out boat might save more lives in a real-world survival situation. 

Bug out boats are faster than walking on foot, can take you further away from a hazardous area in a shorter time span, and avoids traffic jams. Couple that with having a convenient supply of aquatic food sources underneath your feet, should a bug out boat actually become your go-to survival vehicle?

In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about bug out boats and if they can be your ideal Prepper vehicle:

What is a Bug Out Boat?

A bug out boat is a vessel for traveling over water in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. They provide you with shelter from the elements, a place to keep vital supplies, and a home for you and your family until the survival situation is over. Bug out boats could be essential to survival if an area has become severely flooded, and you are unable to use a regular vehicle. These vessels can also provide you with a lifeline if you need to escape from land quickly. 

Types of Bug Out Boats

Bug out boat on highway


  • Houseboats have room for four or five people, as well as enough supplies for a long-term survival situation. However, these boats usually travel at a slow place, not making them the best choice in an emergency.
  • Sailboats, on the other hand, are a good option for you and your family, though you will need to have ample shelter to keep them safe from the elements. Storage space is also a must. 
  • Fishing vessels are also a good option as they are designed to travel at relatively fast speeds (unlike houseboats) while providing shelter to crew members (unlike sailboats). 

You should choose a type of boat that is designed to be on the water for long periods of time. Your survival situation could be short or long-term, so you need to keep a wide range of survival items on deck.

What to Store in a Bug Out Boat?

There are various items that you can include in your bug out boat, depending on its size and weight capacities. Here are some of the things you might want to store on one of these vessels:

  • Food
  • Water filtration system to keep your water supply clean
  • Some form of entertainment, such as books or games
  • Self-defense tools
  • Clean clothes
  • Navigation tools, such as maps
  • Some kind of heating or cooling system
  • A good lighting system
  • A method of communication, so you can talk to other people

You should also store items for an emergency situation if something happens to your boat.

Bug Out Boats vs. Bug Out Vehicles

Depending on the size of the boating vessel you choose to deploy, boats could have more space to keep supplies on-hand then some bug out vehicle models, and definitely more than ATVs or UTVs. However, smaller boat vessels will travel slower than most vans, which might make it difficult to get away from a potentially life-threatening situation. In addition, not everyone can handle the effects of staying on the water for long periods of time and, if food supplies run out, the only option is fishing.

Should You Purchase A Bug Out Boat?

Both modes of transportation can be incredibly advantageous, depending on the specific type of catastrophic event that takes place. The decision will likely come down to analyzing your terrain, because if you live in a sizeable land-locked area, then a boat will not serve you well in a survival scenario. However, if you live close to a coastal community or expansive waterway, you should seriously consider getting a marine vessel for your survival.

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