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The Guide To Bug Out Vehicle Roof Racks

Man Standing On Top Of His Bug Out Vehicle Roof Rack

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Building the ultimate survival vehicle is no easy feat and takes persistence above all else. However, having the right equipment in place can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your survival when a disaster strikes. Bug out vehicle roof racks are essential pieces of automotive gear you simply cannot afford to go without in a survival scenario

In this article, we’ll take you through the considerations you’ll need to make when choosing bug out vehicle roof racks, what items to store, and how to maximize space both inside and on top of your vehicle.

What is a BOV Roof Rack?

Built to handle heavy loads and carry lots of separate pieces of equipment, BOV roof racks give you more room for storage and frees up space inside the vehicle as a result. They also negate the need to use a trailer. Trailers are great for hauling gear but can slow you down, be easily damaged, and easily stolen.

Keeping your kit secure on top of your vehicle will ensure it is easy to access and accompanies you wherever you go.

Why Are BOV Roof Racks Essential?

Bug out vehicle roof rack


When you need to get on the road and don’t know when you might make it back home, you need to pack all your survival essentials. That means carefully planning out the storage space you have available. Of course, you have the glove compartment, the trunk, and perhaps some floor space, but the roof of your vehicle typically has the largest storage space opportunity. Up there, you can pile up and secure a multitude of different items and make smart use of width and height.

However, one aspect of measurement you do need to be mindful of is the weight. Don’t weigh your vehicle down so much that you slow yourself down or draw attention to your vehicle with too much equipment — most modern wagons. SUVs, sedans, and crossovers have a roof capacity of around 165 pounds, including the rack itself.

What to Store on Your BOV Roof Rack

Remember, survival is not a walk in the woods. You’re going to need a lot of kits, and you also need to free up passenger space. A BOV roof rack will allow you to store your supplies and gear securely overhead. They can be used to carry large items, such as shovels, rope, lights, extra food and water purification systems, shelter-building materials, bikes, kayaks, lumber, and any number of smaller items in bags or cases. When you need to get on the road quickly and ensure that your survival equipment is safe and secure during any SHTF situation, a roof rack becomes a valuable commodity.

How to Protect Items and Maximize Space

Use good quality cam straps with buckles rather than bungee ropes and use lockable rack boxes where possible. Protect items such as firewood, clothing, and other perishable items from the elements with a good-quality waterproof cover. Too much weight on your roof rack will make your vehicle handle poorly, reduce fuel economy, and increase the risk of your vehicle rolling. In nearly all cases, heavy and bulky items like oversized spare tires should be attached to your vehicle at the rear rather than the tallest point of your vehicle.

Evaluating a BOV Roof Rack

Choosing a roof rack for a BOV presents several challenges. How much will you be carrying? What vehicle do you have? What items will you be carrying with you? Fortunately, there are many solutions available to you, including everything from general-purpose racks to specialized removable systems with purpose-designed accessories and components. Factory-standard racks may also be sufficient but are not usually rated to carry the loads you may want to carry with you for survival. You might also want to consider a roof rack with a hard and flat surface that can be used to implement a pop-up tent.

Final Thoughts

Every good bug out vehicle should have a roof rack. They are the perfect way to store food supplies, tools, extra fuel, and even solar panels. Whether you are escaping from a situation that has escalated out of control, taking refuge from the elements, or simply planning a camping weekend, a BOV roof rack is an essential consideration that will almost double your vehicle’s storage capacity.

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