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5 Bug Out Vehicle Self-Defense Tools

Pepper Spray As A Bug Out Vehicle Self Defense Tools

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Bug out vehicle self-defense tools can enhance your security posture in a survival situation, but with space at a premium in your survival vehicle, you need to make sure to choose the right ones. Choosing the best defensive gadgets will depend on multiple factors including your budget, local laws, and personal safety preferences. In this article,  we will provide you with some self-defense options to maintain in your bug out at all times.

Here are 5 bug out vehicle self-defense tools you should consider:

  1. Tasers
  2. Stun Guns
  3. Pepper Spray
  4. Vehicle Flood Lights
  5. Self-Defense Key Chains

Why Do You Need Survival Vehicle Self-Defense Tools?

Along with food, clean water, and shelter, defending yourself could be essential to survival after a cataclysmic event. Defensive gadgets can help increase your physical safety in various emergency situations, such as a person or animal trying to get into your vehicle.

It goes without saying, of course, that your physical safety is much more than only possessing the highest voltage taser or potent bottle of pepper spray. You will need to have a safety mindset — a mentality that will protect you and your family in any short or long-term survival situation.

You will need to evaluate all the associated risks to yourself, family, and the intruder before deploying self-defensive tools in a real-life scenario. You should keep your devices handy but in a secure place inside your vehicle, such as a safe. This will also prevent anyone from stealing your tools. If you are bugging out with your family, you will want to keep weapons away from children.

Self-Defense Tools That Can Be Easily Hidden In Your Survival Vehicle

Tasers are one of many bug out vehicle self defense tools


1) Tasers

A taser is designed to temporarily incapacitate an intruder or animal in a survival situation with the use of an electrical current. Used by law enforcement around the world, this device fires a dart-like electrode into your intended target, which punctures the skin and remains attached until you remove it, making it a powerful self-defense tool for your bug-out.

2) Stun Guns

Stun guns have a similar incapacitating effect as tasers but operate differently. The main difference is that stun guns require direct contact with a target, making them useful is close quarter conflicts. Stun guns typically have two or more prong-shaped objects on the tip, with a visible arc of electricity flowing between them when the device is triggered.

Permit requirements

In states where stun guns and tasers are legal, tasers won’t generally require a permit. Stun guns, however, will require the right documentation. This is because the stun gun’s shock capacity is much stronger than that of a taser. However, you will need to check your local laws for both tasers and stun guns and keep any documentation in your bug-out vehicle at all times.

3) Pepper Spray

You might choose pepper spray as a self-defense tool in a survival situation. Also used by law enforcement around the world, this self-defense tool comes in various delivery systems, such as spray, steam, foam, and mist. This tool is designed to take away vision through its inflammatory effects, which cause the eyes to close.

You may require training before using pepper spray, as breathing in the spray essentially means you are inhaling your own weapon.

4) Flood Lights

Floodlights work in a survival situation by shining a concentrated beam of light on any would-be intruders. These self-defense tools range in complexity, but many devices will identify any person who is in close proximity to your bug-out vehicle.

You can keep lights in your vehicle and position them outside your van when it is stationary.

5) Self-Defense Keychains

These non-lethal weapons are small and lightweight, and they clip onto your keys. There is a wide range of self-defense tools that attach to these keychains, such as tasers, stun guns, and cat ear weapons, which fit around your knuckles and pierce the skin of a target.

When bugging out, your personal safety is essential. In the event of an intruder entering your vehicle (or even the vicinity around your vehicle), you might decide to take action. Consider the self-defense tools on the list above.

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