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Choosing A Bug Out Vehicle Toilet Solution

Interior Bug Out Vehicle Composting Toilet

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Just when you thought designing your bug out vehicle was complicated enough, choosing the right toilet solution can be even more frustrating. There are cat holes, outhouses, portable toilets, and more, but which one should you choose?

Obviously you don’t want to drop a deux and leave it simmering in your vehicle unless you have a built-in waste management system like an RV. But if your survival vehicle doesn’t have one in place, read this essential guide to bug-out vehicle toilet solutions.

Why is Waste Management Important After a Disaster?

Waste management will probably be the last thing on your mind after a disaster, but it’s a crucial component of any survivalist strategy. Have you thought about what you will do in a long-term survival situation? It’s not the most glamorous of topics, but how will you manage human waste?

Disposing of waste properly will prevent unwanted bacteria and germs, which could cause your family to get ill. Without access to proper healthcare in a disaster situation, this could be life-threatening. Improper waste disposal can also attract insects and other animals.

Different Types of Bug-Out Vehicle Toilet Solutions

Camping toilet perfect for a bug out vehicle


There are various emergency waste solutions that you need to know about:

Cat holes are small holes in the grass that you dig with a shovel. You can then fill-up the hole. Cat holes are great for short-term emergency situations, but they are not great for the environment. Plus, if you need to stay in one area for a while, cat holes can soon become messy and stinky.

There are alternatives…

Outhouses aren’t a new thing at all — humans have used them for centuries. They essentially use the same concept as cat holes, but you construct a building — or “outhouse” — around the hole to prevent smells and protect you from the elements. Of course, building an outhouse requires a little planning and, if you need to move around a lot in a long-term survival situation, they aren’t the most practical of options.

Are there better choices?

portable camping toilet is a great idea because it is exactly that — portable. It’s essentially a bucket with insertable disposal linings, so it’s cheap and very practical. There is a wide range of portable camping toilets on the market, which vary in price and features.

Click here to check out some of the most popular portable camping toilets.

Tips When Purchasing Bug-Out Vehicle Toilets

  • Choose a portable toilet that has a level indicator, which tells you when it’s time to remove the disposal lining.
  • Stock up on toilet paper (and disposable lining bags) and keep it in your bug-out vehicle. Compressed survival toilet paper tablets will save on space.
  • Clean your portable toilet regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

There’s one more option, and it’s called a composting toilet, which turns waste streams into fertilizer, making it a good option if you are based in one location for a long period of time. You will notice that these toilets look just like regular flush toilets, but the difference is that they facilitate waste breakdown.

Which Bug-Out Vehicle Toilet Solution Makes Sense For You?

So, which one of the bug-out vehicle toilets above should you choose? This all could depend on your survival situation and bug out vehicle model. If you happen to stay in one place for a long period of time, composting toilets are a good option and these are still small enough to fit inside your bug-out vehicle when not in use.

Alternatively, portable camping toilets are a great idea for most survival situations. Outhouses are far too impractical after a disaster if you have a bug-out vehicle, while you should only dig out cat holes if you really need to.

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