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Ways To Clean Your Bug Out Vehicle’s Water Supply

Water Purification System For Bug Out Vehicles

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Take a few seconds and imagine this scenario: A disaster hits your town, all power grids are down, and after bugging out to a safer location, you realize the only natural water source around is dirty and undrinkable. Now, what’s your next move? Unfortunately, it’s only now you realize the importance of having a filtration system that allows you to clean your bug out vehicle’s water supply.

According to Medical News Today, the average person can survive for three days without water. With clean water being vital to short-term survival, it’s essential to be prepared to have a way to clean your water supply, and also replenish from natural sources as needed. As a Car Prepper, clean drinking water should always be towards the top of your survival checklist. 

Here are ways to clean your bug-out vehicle’s water supply:

  1. Water Purification Tablets
  2. Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
  3. UV Light Water Filters

Why You Need to Clean Your Drinking Water Supply

Polluted body of water


After a disaster, normal clean tap water coming from a faucet will likely be long gone, leaving you to find other sources of drinking water that may be full of bacteria and viruses. It goes without saying that this can be extremely dangerous and result in illness. For example, a primary waterborne illness in the United States called giardiasis is a parasite that causes extreme cramping and violent diarrhea.

Keeping a water filtration system in your bug-out vehicle means you can purify water in any short-term or long-term survival situation and keep your family hydrated. Here are some of the water filters you need to know about:

#1. Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets can destroy the majority of water-borne pathogens, making them a somewhat useful invention for purifying drinking water. However, some of these products may contain iodine, which is not suitable for pregnant women or people with thyroid problems. Children probably won’t like the taste of water that has been disinfected with iodine, either, making other filtration methods far more effective.

#2. Reverse Osmosis Water System

Reverse osmosis water systems remove impurities from water by pushing the water through a semi-permeable membrane or filter. This process uses pressure to block contaminants from water and provide you with pure drinking water that you can consume in a survival situation. Reverse osmosis water is devoid of minerals. However, drinking mineral-free water is safe.

It’s important to note, though, that reverse osmosis wastes a lot of water. Research from the University of Arizona shows that, for every gallon of water produced, 2-20 gallons are lost as waste. Is there a better alternative?

#3. UV Light Water Filters

A UV light water filter doesn’t remove impurities from water like reverse osmosis water filter systems. Instead, it purifies water by exposing living organisms to UV light. This makes it one of the most effective and portable ways to remove viruses and bacteria.

The UV light destroys many small organisms, and UV light filter systems are battery-free and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for your bug-out vehicle. Although not 100 percent effective when used with water that contains large floating particles (as pathogens can lurk inside these), they can be an essential piece of a survivalists’ tool kit.

The Benefits of UV Water Filters for Bug Out Vehicles

  • It’s easy to maintain. Just change the UV lamp once a year, and you don’t need to do any other maintenance.
  • UV treatments don’t alter water chemically in any way. This means water tastes and looks exactly the same.
  • UV filters don’t waste any water like reverse osmosis water systems.
  • UV filters don’t leave behind by-products in your water like the disinfecting tablets listed above.
  • UV filters are generally cheaper than reverse osmosis water systems.


Just like choosing the right solar panels or waste management system, taking your water filtration needs seriously and having the right system in place should be part of your bug out prepping.

Dirty water supplies after a disaster or emergency situation can cause risks to you and your family. Follow the tips above and invest in an excellent water filtration system for your bug-out vehicle.

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