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How To Camouflage Your Bug Out Vehicle

Reed Camouflage Net In Nature

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In the case of emergency events, having a vehicle with a secret stash of supplies will be very fruitful, as long as you and your family are the only people aware of its location. If you are worried that your vehicle may be looted one day of all your goods, or worse, then a great option is to camouflage your bug out vehicle.

In this article, we will look at ways Car Preppers can keep their valuables hidden from possible intruders using camouflage.

Why Camouflaging A Bug Out Vehicle Is Important

During normal everyday life, most vehicles can be easily recognized from glass reflection, lights, engine noise, and tire tracks even from a long-distance away. So you can imagine during a catastrophic event, everyone’s survival senses will be heightened to extraordinary levels, diligently watching to take advantage of opportunities. Camouflaging your vehicle so that it blends in with the natural terrain of the environment helps provide an extra security barrier between you and the outside world.

Ways To Camouflage Your Bug Out Vehicle

Camouflage survival vehicle truck


There are many ways that survivalists camouflage their bug out vehicles so that they remain hidden from passersby. We recommend using a combination of methods rather than just one so that you have more elements to keep your vehicle hidden.

Paint Patterns

Paint is the simplest way to camouflage a bug out vehicle. Painting your vehicle the same color as the background is a good way to break up the shape of it from far away. When painting your vehicle, try to imitate the natural characteristics of the environment that will be surrounding the vehicle by using similar colors, lines, patterns, and more. Painting, however, should be complemented by other camouflaging methods. Otherwise, somebody can easily recognize it’s a vehicle from up close.

Camouflage Netting

Preppers can buy camouflage netting to easily cover up and cloak a vehicle, in the event they don’t want to paint it. Militaries have used this type of netting for generations to conceal vehicles in every type of global terrain, including jungles, mountains, and deserts. You can also make your own camouflage netting, which is recommended if you are hiding your vehicle in a unique setting. If you decide to make your own camouflage netting, you can also add twigs, shrubbery, leaves, etc. so that it looks more like natural foliage. We suggest using camouflage netting along with paint for a completely unnoticeable look.

Vehicle Decals / Wraps

Another alternative to painting, you can design and print out your own camouflage color scheme to wrap around your vehicle, which can be the easiest and quickest way to provide your bug out vehicle with camouflage. You may need to have your wraps provided to you from a printing company, which can cost a lot of money compared to simply painting over it. Regardless, if you want to retain your car’s colors in case you want to use your vehicle recreationally again, you can simply take your wrap off your vehicle.


You can dig a foxhole as described here deep enough for your bug out vehicle to drive inside of. The purpose of a foxhole is to add another layer of anonymity to your vehicle. You will need a hole that is typically at least eight feet deep, eight feet wide, and ten feet long for most vehicles. Plan on digging for several hours, or even days, and you should easily be able to drive in and out with your vehicle. In case of rain, prebuild a narrow and deep trench down the center of the hole which can help with reducing flooding. Also, consider lining the hole with materials that can provide tire traction, making it easier to come in and out.


Car Preppers know that perfect camouflaging isn’t always easy, but luckily there are many methods you can deploy to achieve a solid level of vehicle anonymity. The first step will be to know where your bug out location will be, and from there you can start planning your camouflage techniques.

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