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Diesel or Gas For Bug Out Vehicles?

Diesel Or Gas For Bug Out Vehicles Considerations

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In a rush to make up for lost time, many new Car Preppers will often quickly choose a survival vehicle model that has all the typical bells and whistles. However, one overlooked component is the type of fuel an engine uses, and whether or not the choice between diesel or gas for bug out vehicles could have a substantial impact on survival.

If you are prepping to have the best bug out vehicle possible in the event of a catastrophe, thinking about the fuel type for your BOV is of great importance. You’ll need to know what type of fuel will fare better for you when SHTF.

Considerations For Fuel In Bug Out Vehicles

When it comes to fuel, the two most popular types are gas and diesel. Albeit electric is another consideration, you likely have a more traditional bug out vehicle that is neither electric nor a hybrid. If you are curious about which is the better fuel type for a bug out vehicle diesel or gas, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

Advantages Of Gas Fuel For BOV’s

Gas is the more common of the two types of fuel, making it more readily available at any gas station. Your chances of being able to quickly load up on regular gasoline right before an emergency occurs is much higher than diesel in many cases. In addition, regular gasoline can not only be used to power a BOV but also power your other important tools or backup generators, for instance.

Advantages Of Diesel Fuel For BOV’s

Diesel is heavier and more powerful than gas, having a higher energy density with each gallon. Therefore, it will last longer than regular gas. Diesel also comes with more torque. With additional torque it would be easier for you to drive your vehicle up hills and slopes, allowing you to fully take advantage of any BOV accessories that may require extra power.

Evaluating Both For Survival Scenarios

If you own an SHTF vehicle that has a diesel engine, you can use alternative fuels rather than just diesel. For instance, vegetable oil is a common alternative to diesel, which won’t be able to work in a gas-powered vehicle. Regardless of which kind of fuel you use, you are sure to quickly run out of diesel or gas with little to no means to find more. Thus, a diesel engine would serve you better, with alternative fuels you can use. Diesel is also known to be less volatile than gas. Gas is more explosive when ignited with a flame, but diesel will be able to extinguish itself when in contact with fire, as it is far less flammable.

In favor of gasoline, however, there are not many tools and appliances that need diesel in favor of gas in order to run, so if you have gas-powered equipment, you’ll find gas to be a more valuable type of fuel that can power more than just your car. In addition, gas engines are simpler in design, and thus are easier to fix over diesel engines. If you aren’t an expert in car maintenance, you’ll find a diesel engine more challenging to maintain.

Which Should You Choose For Your Bug Out Vehicle?

Your choice between gas and diesel fuel should depend on your needs. If you are fond of using gas to power many vital tools, stick with gas. If you want long-lasting fuel, need to drive uphill often, or want to use alternative fuels, switch to diesel.

If you can’t decide or want the best of both worlds, your best bet would be to outfit your vehicles with dual-use motors, or motors that can tolerate both types of fuel. That way, if you find either fuel or alternative fuels, they can be used with your vehicle.


You cannot go wrong with either type of fuel, but when it comes to deciding between diesel and gas for your bug out vehicle, you will likely find one to be more useful than the other. Remember fuel is an essential survival resource in the event of a disaster, so please make your choice wisely.

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