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Immigration Crisis or Recruitment for the Great War?

Illegal Immigrant Caravan

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On July 16, 1945, under the code name “The Manhattan Project” the US government tested the world’s first nuclear bomb at its’ Trinity test site in New Mexico, around 200 miles away from the infamous Los Alamos Research Laboratory.

Nuclear radiation from testing the weapon had an immediate impact on the residents of New Mexico, causing generations of infant mortality, cancer, and other serious health-related issues.

It wasn’t until the year 1990 that the US government would acknowledge any role in causing the health issues of its citizens, even though at the time of the testing, the military personnel involved fully understood the damaging effects of downwind radiation poisoning.

This tragic moment in history highlights a government’s willingness to sacrifice its citizens for military supremacy against its foes.

Today, it is very plausible to believe that the immigration crisis seen at the southern border of the United States, as well as at the borders of European nations, is not a crisis but the recruitment of warm bodies to one day fight in the next Great War.

Domestic military recruitment falls sharply

Illegal immigrants drafted into US military
It’s plausible that the border crisis is fueled by military strategy

In 2022, the US Army missed its recruitment goals by 15,000 soldiers, or roughly 25% of its annual enlistment target. Horror stories coming from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the poor treatment of veterans upon returning home, have caused a perception shift for many Americans regarding serving in the armed forces.

Unlike in the early 20th century when military service was largely seen as a patriotic duty, today many fighting-age men have chosen other career paths. Unlike previous generations who enlisted for reasons such as honor and post-service financial benefits, the promise of steady income and educational opportunities is no longer as appealing as it used to be for many young men.

This has created significant challenges for branches such as the US Army, which has historically maintained iron-grip recruitment of young American men from both rural towns and inner-city communities looking to escape poverty and enter the middle class.

While technological advancements such as drones and cyber-warfare have changed the battle lines over the past two decades, wars are still ultimately won using a capable ground attack force and foot soldiers.

Governments intentionally create an immigration crisis

Since Joe Biden’s Presidency began, an estimated 7.2 million immigrants have entered illegally through the United States’ southern border. While mainstream media organizations have underreported the staggering numbers or its’ effect on national security, even skeptics can see that the sheer volume of illegal crossings is not a passive coincidence, but likely intentional.

Many conservative media members and politicians have been labeled as conspiracy theorists for suggesting that the Democratic party is effectively importing a new pool of voters that will support liberal agendas.

Others claim that fixing the immigration issue is being held hostage to get other non-related legislation passed through Congress.

While all of these may also be true, there is a more sinister possibility that the military-industrial complex is using the Biden administration and the Democratic Party to import military-service-aged men to fight in the next Great War.

The pending wars between the West and the East

Human capital is the most valuable and irreplaceable commodity during warfare. Western countries such as the United States and places in Western Europe have seen steadily declining birth rates over the decades. Over time, this has contributed to a decline in the pool of available military service-aged men.

On the other hand, Eastern countries such as China, India, and Russia alone account for over 35% of the global population, with India and China accounting for the first and second most populous countries in the world, nearing 1.5 Billion people. Of the Western countries, only the United States ranks in the top 10 in total population.

The fact is that between smaller general populations and declining military enlistment figures, the West simply cannot compete with the East in terms of sheer numbers of military-aged men that can contribute to a military ground offensive.

This creates a significant disadvantage for Western countries that would need to find alternative strategies using technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence to supplement their enlistment numbers. The other option would be to formally draft their own citizens in an attempt to level the playing field with their Eastern counterparts.

Using advanced technologies can be effective but very expensive. Drafting their own citizens would be considered political suicide in most countries.

Thus, leaving the only option which is to import illegals and refugees to fight on their behalf, offering citizenship in exchange.

Consequences of using illegal immigrants as a shadow militia

There are many potential consequences for leveraging a strategy of subverting national security at the border in order to create a shadow army for future deployment. The United States and Europe both have a tenuous track record of making good on promises they make to poor, desperate, and disenfranchised groups.

As seen in the United States military’s abrupt and poorly strategized exit from Afghanistan, the world witnessed the power vacuum and destabilized political system that was created when the US decided a country no longer worth protecting.

Training foreign men to fight on behalf of the West, and countries not following through on their promises of citizenship, could create a degree of hatred and resentment that no Western country has ever experienced.

The possibility of an entirely new wave of highly trained and technologically capable terrorist organizations, mercenary groups, and drug cartels could quickly surpass China and Russia as the greatest geopolitical threat to Western democracy.

According to Author Steve Coll, the origins of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorist group began with a covert operation involving the CIA funding and training the extremists to fight the Soviets in 1979.

Ironically, if true, it was in fact the US government that armed and trained the same terrorist group would decades later come back to use this training to execute the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, in New York City.

The border crisis is the prelude for the Great Wars

While many critics will quickly dismiss this theory as being completely illogical or nonsensical, it’s important to analyze historical precedence before determining whether or not these claims can be taken as plausible.

The fact is that Western governments have a long and chronicled history of engaging in covert operations that have put their own citizens in harm’s way in order to achieve their military objectives.

If the next kinetic conflict between the West and the East were to begin today, there would be a vast disadvantage in terms of total fighting-age men available to each side.

Enlistment of illegal immigrants would be the best strategy to fill the gaps in ground forces while not having to offer much in return other than a promise of citizenship that may never get fulfilled.

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