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5 Survival Vehicle Accessories You Should Consider

EMP Protection Is A Key Survival Vehicle Accessory

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Now that you have chosen your survival vehicle’s base model and have started to make the necessary customizations to fit your family’s needs, you may be itching to take things up a notch. While car preparedness often focuses a lot on the interior components of your bug out setup, such as creating a liveable space and energy inverters, there are quality survival vehicle accessories that can add a lot of value to your exterior vehicle setup as well. In this article, we will focus on 5 accessories that can upgrade your BOV:

5 survival vehicle accessories you should consider are:

  1. Off-Road Tires
  2. Vehicle Suspension Lifts
  3. Tire Traction Devices
  4. EMP Protection Devices
  5. Faraday Cage

1) Off-Road Tires

Off road tires are a must have survival vehicle accessory


It’s highly likely at some point during a bug out event taking the main roads and interstate will no longer become an option due to traffic jams, so taking your vehicle off-road may be the only alternative to get you to safety. Most standard tires are manufactured to handle typical road conditions and aren’t fabricated to withstand the beating that off-road travel can provide.

At a minimum, you should consider getting a high-performance pair of all-terrain tires, which provides a tire tread and toughness that can reasonably handle both on and off-road driving. But, we recommend equipping your hog with a pair of high-grade mud-terrain tires, which are sturdy and durable to handle mud, rocks, and nature’s many unpredictable attitudes.

2) Vehicle Suspension Lifts

You likely see various trucks on the road that have had their vehicles lifted higher off the ground via a suspension lift. Although many do it just for cosmetic reasons, getting your survival vehicle lifted off the ground can be a tremendous benefit during an emergency.

Similar to off-road tires, having higher suspension will make it easier to drive over rocks, tree branches, and even cross small waterways. When coupled with off-road tires, suspension lifts are a high priority on the list of must-have survival vehicle accessories.

3) Tire Traction Devices

Tire traction devices should be included on a list of survival vehicle accessories


By this time, you are probably noticing a trend that some of the most valuable enhancement accessories focus on your bug out vehicle tires. Even with the combination of off-road tires and suspension lifts, when SHTF, it’s easy to make a wrong turn and find your vehicle stuck in mud or a hole that it can’t get out of by itself.

Tire traction devices are a physical harness or contraption that wraps around a wheel, allowing it a seamless way to free itself. Some tire traction devices require using a harness connected to both the tire and a solid structure like a tree, while others only use the torque of the tire itself against the harness to dislodge.

4) EMP Protection Devices

EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse and is a burst of electromagnetic energy that can be produced from both man-made attacks and natural occurrences like lightning or solar flares. Point blank is that an EMP blast can cause catastrophic damage to electrical systems and power grids, turning the lights out on the critical things you depend on for survival. The threat of an EMP attack on the United States has been a central topic for Preppers for decades, many debating on the best ways to protect a survival vehicle.

EMP protection for your bug out vehicle is most critical to have in place prior to an EMP event or attack. We recommend getting an EMP device designed for vehicles and have it as a vital part of your overall preparedness.

5) Faraday Cage

The history behind Faraday cages and its’ inventor are definitely worth the read, but they provide a protective barrier against electrostatic charges. For Car Preppers, building a garage using a Faraday cage composed of electromagnetic shielding materials is an accessory. However, some would argue it is an absolute necessity. 

Building an entire structure of this type of material could be costly, but the benefits will be well worth it when your bug out vehicle works, while everyone else is stuck in park.

The name Rugged Man was born out of a bet gone horribly wrong, however, the name stuck. Technology nerd by day, and survival enthusiast by night, he is committed to helping thousands of everyday people become more educated about topics such as Prepping, Survival, and Bug Out Strategies.

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