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Survival Vehicle Tool Kits

Survival Vehicle Tool Kits

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The topic of survival vehicle tool kits are becoming increasingly popular, and enthusiasts are retrofitting their ordinary vehicles to transform them into the perfect bug-out transports. Bug-out transport is the ultimate mobile shelter that provides protection against the harsh outdoor environment regardless of its status quo. It also provides secure transportation, so you’ll never run out of supplies while you’re in retreat. 

On top of bug-out vehicle modifications (i.e., improved terrain maneuverability and vehicle plating), you’ll need to be stocked with the right toolkit to ensure your chances of emerging unscathed from any resource-starved environment. 


Water purification system for bug out vehicles


These are indispensable carry-ons for any bug-out vehicle. This selection of tools will provide you with the means to survive when SHTF.  


There are various sources of water in the outdoors (i.e., streams & other tributaries), but that doesn’t mean they’re safe for consumption. Hence, water treatment will ensure that you’ll gain access to a steady supply of potable water. Water purification tablets and portable filters will eliminate most of the harmful microorganisms found in water resources that otherwise would prohibit safe consumption. 


Your glove compartment and car boot should always contain a supply of food to last you on the road. Beef jerky, granola bars, along with dried rice and beans, are popular survivalist staples because they’re non-perishable. This means that you can keep them in your stockpile for long periods of time without having them go bad.

Also, avoid relying on a portable refrigerator for all your preservation needs because you’ll never know when the power supply would be severed, leaving you with a trunk of spoiled food.


Pepper spray as a bug out vehicle self defense tools


You’ll need to leave the car sometimes, which leaves you vulnerable. These contingency products will help protect you against unwanted company. 

Fox Labs Mean Green

Pepper sprays are an excellent way to repel your assailant without causing grievous injury. The team at Fox Labs has come up with this innovative solution that stains your target with green ink. This means you’re able to stun and spot them to grant you a swift escape. The product is also manufactured to fire between 12 – 15 feet, which gives users a good distant advantage. 

Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker Pocket Knife

The quintessential survivalist item. The Victorinox series and its iconic Swiss logo is a sight for sore eyes. This impressive model comes with eight built-in tools manufactured from rust-free stainless steel – so you can expect long-lasting use. Aside from knives for self-defense, you’ve got a wood saw and can opener (for those trusty Campbell dinners), among other tools. Few items can compare to this pocket-sized multi-purpose companion. 

Winter Survival

Winter brings a whole new level of challenges, and every survivalist should be well-prepared in facing the frost. 

Extreme weather conditions can lead to lethal conditions such as hypothermia. The Mayo Clinic offers the precautionary acronym of COLD:

  • Cover – Wear the right winter clothing to avoid loss of body heat.
  • Overexertion – Avoid strenuous activities that accelerate heat loss.
  • Layers – Wear multiple pieces of clothing to keep in body heat.
  • Dry – Keep moisture out of clothing or skin contact as this worsens heat loss.

Building A Fire

In addition to winter wear, you’ll need the means to start a fire amidst chilly temperatures. Storm and water-proof match kits will be your best bet. We recommend the UCO stormproof match kit, known for quality matches in the outdoors.

The name Rugged Man was born out of a bet gone horribly wrong, however, the name stuck. Technology nerd by day, and survival enthusiast by night, he is committed to helping thousands of everyday people become more educated about topics such as Prepping, Survival, and Bug Out Strategies.

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