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Choosing a UTV or ATV Bug Out Vehicle

ATV Bug Out Vehicle

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When searching for the ideal survival vehicle, most Preppers immediately gravitate towards buying a van, truck, or other traditional models that can provide a lot of liveable space or utility. However, depending on your survival strategy, you may want to consider a UTV or ATV bug out vehicle instead.

There are many reasons why a UTV or ATV bug out vehicle could be the best choice for your bug out plan. In this article, we will examine the benefits and drawbacks of using a smaller 4×4 vehicle to get you to safety.

What Are UTVs and ATVs?

UTVs, or side-by-side vehicles, are compact 4x4s and are typically used for recreational sporting or work-related purposes. They have seats for 2 to 4 people at a time, and they are capable of hauling goods behind them when you have the right equipment or carriage. UTVs can often go up to 80 miles per hour.

ATVs are vehicles meant to be driven on any terrain so that you can ride them in the dirt, mud, snow, sand, and more. These can usually only accommodate just one person at a time. ATVs can also move up to 80 miles per hour. Both of them are smaller than your ordinary bug out vehicles, such as large trucks, but could they, in fact, be very capable bug out vehicles if SHTF?

Benefits of UTVs and ATVs as BOVs

If you use a UTV or ATV as a bug out vehicle, you will find them to be much more nimble than vans or trucks, especially in traffic. If you are looking to hide away in a forest, desert, bog, or other off-road environments, ATVs, and UTVs can seamlessly navigate rougher terrain and drive deeper into heavily wooded areas. These are both considered off-road vehicles, allowing you to avoid any main roads where some unsavory characters might looking to loot cars of supplies and belongings after a catastrophe has occurred.

ATVs and UTVs are generally loud vehicles that people can hear from miles away. While this may be considered a detriment at first, you can purchase  ATV and UTV silencers so that the roar of the motor in your vehicle is muffled. This will make your ATV or UTV more inaudible from a long-distance away.

Drawbacks of UTVs and ATVs as BOVs

The most significant detriment to both UTVs and ATVs as a bug out vehicles is their small size. Both of these vehicles are not capable of keeping that many supplies on board. While UTVs do offer flatbeds and compatibility with carriages, they are not as spacious compared to other vehicles that you could drive around in.

Furthermore, ATVs and UTVs do not offer as much protection compared to larger vehicles. In the event of a shootout or extreme weather, you will need to modify your ATV or UTV so you can stay safe in dangerous circumstances.

Should You Consider An UTV Or ATV as a BOV?

If you wish to use an ATV or UTV for a bug out vehicle, consider all of the elements we discussed above, and also circumstances unique to your family’s situation. A single-vehicle will not be able to support a large family, protect your electric devices from EMP, or provide shelter. However, but it can allow you to travel off-road and navigate more easily around traffic-jams on roads.

If you want to store more supplies, a UTV will fare better. If you want to drive faster, an ATV would be your bug out of choice. Interested in another bug out vehicle option? Check out our article on bug out boats.

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