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Why Israel Backing Down From Iran Will Be Catastrophic

Israel's War With Iran

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Throughout history, the world has witnessed and felt the consequences of weak and inept leadership. Prior to WWII, Former UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain cemented his place in history as the man who appeased Adolf Hitler through passivity, and in doing so, was close to allowing the Nazi regime to conquer Europe. 

While many other examples remain, the two unforgivable sins of foreign diplomacy are that you don’t make deals with the devil and you don’t give a bully confidence.

Over the night of April 19th, 2024 Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government committed both sins by not advancing a significant retaliatory response against Iran. Reports from Iran show that the airstrikes launched by Israel in response to the over 300 drones and projectiles launched by Iran just days earlier, were anemic and only symbolic in nature.

Why Israel Will Regret This Missed Opportunity

Israeli Soldiers on the battlefield
Israeli Soldiers on the battlefield with a flag in foreground

The world today sits on the presuppose of geopolitical, climate, global debt, and spiritual crisis. However, the one ace-in-the-hole Israel has that is rather uniquely Jewish is a strong coalition of support amongst Christians around the world. 

As Christians, we know, that despite the imperfections of the Jewish people as well as ourselves as Christians, the Jews have and always will be God’s chosen people.

Our King Jesus was Jewish, and with that, for the remaining practicing Christians in Western countries, there is a will to support Israel in ways that would not be available for other ethnic groups. However, this political and public willpower will collapse in the face of significant domestic issues such as exponential price inflation, illegal immigration, economic depression, or social unrest.

Historically, when times get increasingly difficult, public sentiment shifts rapidly towards nationalism and self-interest, causing once staunch and dedicated supporters to begin to blame the same groups and social causes that they once passionately championed.

This will be the case with Western countries and their view of Israel in the coming months and years once their own populations become destabilized with domestic strife. Public sentiment towards an Iranian advance into Israel will shift towards ambivalence, as self-interest such as rising domestic costs becomes more important than military aid towards Israel.

Why Israel Must Advance War Against Iran

The Netanyahu government must understand two important facts in determining how to move forward. Firstly, Western countries urging for restraint against a forceful retaliatory strike against Israel do not have Israel’s best interest, but their own.

Secondly, military aid from Western countries is not a foregone conclusion, and neither is their continued pledge of support. As we have seen in Ukraine, support from the West shifts with the political winds, causing military aid packages to be delayed in Congress and parliaments for months. This leaves countries like Ukraine in a disastrous situation and in limbo in their war against Russia.

Israel must act now and advance their war with Iran before political support in the West becomes destabilized by crippling domestic issues. Iran and its proxies have already begun attacking Israel in a coordinated fashion, and will only continue to ramp up the attacks as it sees the willpower of the West begin to fade.

Israel must take action now while they have the most firepower, military intelligence, and resources at their immediate disposal. If the Netanyahu government proceeds with a policy of appeasement and weakness, they may ultimately lament their place in history next to Neville Chamberlain and other weak leaders as the reason why an entire ethnic group was almost wiped from the face of the earth.

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